For larger events we offer our own catering service.

With prior notice we can provide health foods and meet any special nutritional needs of guests.


Example Menu

Rich breakfast (price 10.- for 1 person)

Cheese and ham slices

Morning roll, sliced white bread, black bread

Butter, margarine

Omelette or boiled egg

Porridge (four-grain/ oat or rice flake/buckwheat)

Breakfast cereal


Still, natural mineral water


Orange juice

Tea, coffee (sugar and cream)

Lunch (price 20.- for 1 person)

Clear salmon soup

Marinated pork with mashed potatoes and vegetables

Pancakes with fresh jam made from local berries

Coffee, tea, water

Black or white bread

Night buffet (price 20.- for 1 person)

Turkey in sweet and sour sauce

Steamed vegetables

Boiled potatoes with dill

Fresh vegetable salad with herb and oil sauce

Cottage cheese salad

Fruit salad with vanilla sauce

Barbecue menu (price 25.- for 1 person)

Marinated pork

Chicken fillet in spicy marinade

Grilled sausages

Marinated vegetables

Barbecue sauces

Fresh salads: tomato-cucumber-onion salad

Cabbage- paprika- corn salad

Vegetable dish with dip sauce


Roll, bread, white bread

Flavoured butter

Mineral water

Coffee break (price 6.- for 1 person)





Small cake and pie

Iced water

Sauna menu (price 13.- for 1 person)

Roast chicken wings

Garlic bread

Vegetable plate

Cheese plate