Safety requirements and procedure for use of Mändjala Cottage

The guest confirms that with the payment of the invoice he has reviewed and will observe the terms of the safety requirements and procedure for use. The guest will fully compensate OÜ Solarcom for any economic loss resulting from the violation of the safety requirements or procedure for use.

The service  provider of the complex is not responsible for any loss or damage to the personal belongings of the guests.

1. Arrival, departure and deposit

1.1. The change over of the accommodation occupancy takes place every day at 14.00. The guest should notify the representative of Cottage of his intended time of arrival by phone.

At the agreed time the representative of Cottage will show the booked room to the guest, register all members of the party (identity documents must be shown) and hand over the keys which remain in the possession of the guest until the end of his stay.

1.2. The guest must vacate his room on the last day of his stay at 11.00 at the latest, and hand the key over to the representative of Cottage.

1.2.1. When the room is handed over to the representative of Cottage it must be in the same condition as it was on his arrival.

1.3. The deposit is the sum transferred by the guest to the bank account of OÜ Solarcom before the date of his arrival at the latest. It will be returned by OÜ Solarcom to the guest's bank account within three days of the guest vacating the rooms of Cottage.

1.3.1.The deposit is 100 eur.

1.3.2.The cost of any damages caused to Cottage’s property by the guest and any additional costs incurred by Cottage as a result of not observing the requirements and procedures will be deducted from the deposit (including vandalised or missing objects).

1.3.4.If the cost of restoring or repairing any damaged property exceeds the amount of the deposit, the guest must compensate the company with the additional amount.

1.3.5.An administration fee of 50 eur will be added for processing any incurred damages.

2. Payment terms

2.1. The guest pays for the use of rooms of Cottage according to the current scale of published prices.

2.2.When booking the room the guest pays a booking fee of 50% of the price of the room required according to the invoice submitted.

2.2.1.The booking fee is returned only if a cancellation is notified by emailing at least 2 weeks in advance. 

2.2.2.If a cancellation is made less than 2 weeks before the scheduled arrival date, the booking fee will not be returned.

2.3.The guest pays the remaining 50% of the price of the room either on arrival at the Cottage, or to the bank account indicated on the invoice before arriving at the Cottage.

3. Requirements and obligations of the guest

3.1.All vehicles must be parked in the designated parking places.

3.2. The main entry driveway, access to the buildings and stored material, and fire and water points must be kept free at all times.

3.3. The guest is obliged to follow the public order and property maintenance regulations of Kaarma rural municipality and refrain from disturbing other guests staying in Cottage. No noise or disturbance is allowed on the property from 23.00 until 08.00.

3.4. The guest should treat the property in the Cottage with respect and behave appropriately within the precincts of the Cottage.

3.5.Events meant for children must be supervised by a teacher, educator or other adult who will be responsible for the safety and observance of the rules of Cottage.

4. Fire safety requirements

4.1. It is forbidden for the guest to:

4.1.1. store any combustible material, equipment or bring any combustible package into the fire safety area between the buildings or park any motor vehicle or other conveyance therein;

4.1.2. spill any combustible liquid or pour any chemical into the sewerage system;

4.1.3. light a camp fire outside the place designated for that purpose;

4.1.4. store waste or empty containers in a place not designated for that purpose;

4.1.5. block the evacuation ways or access with equipment, packaging, empty containers, furniture or other objects;

4.1.6. block access to electricity distribution equipment, survival craft, or fire and water hydrant, or in other way hinder their use in case of fire or accident;

4.1.7. leave any working electrical, mechanical or other equipment unattended, except for equipment functioning on automatic control;

4.1.8. use any open fire (including candles) in the buildings;

4.1.9. keep auto-igniting or highly-flammable materials in the inner rooms or anywhere on the property.

4.1.10. use combustible liquid to light the fire in the hearth of the heater ;

4.1.11. place unused coal or ash in the storage space meant for the combustible material or place combustible material in empty containers;

4.1.12. dry firewood, clothing or other combustible object on the heaters;

4.1.13. leave the fire in the hearth unattended, except any heating device on automatic control;

4.1.14. smoke indoors;

4.1.15. smoke closer than 5m from the buildings or any combustible material.

4.2. Mändjala Cottage reserves the right to withhold 500 kroons (five hundred kroons) from the deposit for smoking in a forbidden place.

4.3. Only standard electrical installations can be used in the rooms and on the property. Guests should observe the manufacturer’s instructions for installation, use and maintenance of them, as well as any legal provisions governing their handling, installation, use and maintenance.

4.4. The rooms of the large apartment of the first floor of the main building and the first floor of storehouse will be used only for mass events.

5. Actions in case of fire

5.1. In case of fire the safety of people and their fast evacuation from the endangered area should be the priority.

5.2. Any person who discovers a fire is obliged:

5.2.1. to immediately notify the rescue centre on phone number 112 and state exactly where the fire has broken out, what is burning, give his/her surname and the phone number he is calling from, and provide any further information the employee on duty at the rescue centre may require;

5.2.2. to warn the people at risk;

5.2.3. to close the doors and windows, and switch off the ventilation to prevent the spread of the fire;

5.2.4. to attempt to extinguish the fire if possible.

5.3. On arrival of the rescue team at the scene, the person who discovered the fire or a representative of his party should notify the rescue team manager:

5.3.1. of the place where the fire started and its scope;

5.3.2. of the potential risk to other people;

5.3.3. of other risks which might accompany the fire (explosions, hazardous chemicals etc).

Fire safety reminder for the guest

Dear guest,

- Smoking indoors is strictly forbidden.

- When leaving the room please switch off the power.

- Review the evacuation plan.

- In case of FIRE please call immediately on number 112!